Monday August 19 , 2019

Aegean seagulls in Siros island


  "What's past is prologue"...

if we take a look back to our personal history as youngsters , we shall trot out an incident of aggressive behavior, that we either have attended or have taken part. Back to present day, while looking up to our children we recognize for sure similar situations that seem to have become alarmingly common.

   These situations are the manifestation of a phenomenon referred to as bullying.
Syros, an island standing out to history crossroads and always being a melting pot of cultures, unfortunately should not bear an exception.
Initially, we were receiving messages from friends, indicative of the extent and severity of the problem.
Shortly after these messages were transformed into an "official" call for assistance. The synchronicity proved out to be of catalytic importance. The "Aegean Seagulls" had already started the organization of a task force which could intervene in such situations by either therapeutic or informative actions.


  So we organized in cooperation with the "Hostel for the minor of Siros " an educational event for informing parents and teachers about the bullying "situation", which was accompanied by a fruitful dialogue. This effort took place the weekend of 27-28 February 2015 at the Chamber of Commerce of Cyclades with four sessions for parents and teachers of Primary and Secondary Education. These sessions started by a short introductory presentation followed by dynamic discussion of the full extent of the bullying reality. This process arrived to an initial estimation of the extent and gravity of bullying events among children and adolescents in the island of Siros. We believe that this will be the sparkle for an organized future intervention.



  Our team has a strong commitment and is looking forward to respond to such a challenge. We leave happy and full of positive energy without saying goodbye but "au revoir."
At this point we would like to express our gratitude to our friends from the "Hostel for the minor of Syros" exceptionally Mrs. Maria Kidonieos Fosteri, Mrs. Kiriaki Papagiakoumou and Mrs. Margarita Soultani for the invitation as well as for the excellent organization of the event. Also we would like to thank them for their hospitality. In the end we would like to express our sincere and warm wish that all parents and teachers  will be the messengers of hope and our partners in the fight against bullying.


•Mrs. Zapandiotou Lemonia, Psychologist (B.Sc.) - Psychotherapist - Adult Trainer (M.Sc). Counseling in Special Education Education and Health.
•Mr. Papandreou MD, Ioannis Pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine. (Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus)
•Mr. Pergantis Costas, Sports Psychologist (M.Sc). Personal Counseling in Mental Health. Director of Youth and Sports Civil Services, Haidari.
•Mrs. Chronopoulou Dionisia, (M.Sc) Educational Psychology.