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Aegean Seagulls in Serifos Island 2017


"A thought for our mothers"


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    It is well known that people are more effective working in groups. Man is "political being."   

      The dominant figure of one's mother always defines the emotional background guiding the need to support people in distress. This projection runs through the mind every time we set up for a mission.

     The same thing happened also the last time we organized a pediatric mission to the island of Serifos.The team gathered promptly in respond to the challenging invitation. After thorough preparations and the usual unexpected events for "good luck", Friday the 6-5-2017, a medical team formed by experienced pediatricians; Mr Pelagiadis Iordanis, Mrs Kotsifa Maria Eleni, Mrs Gkriniouk Katerina and Mrs Matioutou Maria departed from Marathon with an inflatable boat Marvel 9.60 and with captain Mr. Evangelos Karampetsos. Last but not least is Mr. Vlachos Pavlos, head of the mission
      After a swift and safe crossing, the team arrived as scheduled at Serifos island.The weather was pure magic and contributed the most to the comfortable crossing and the positive feeling of the team. This soft feeling was the necessary prelude for the sweet acquaintance with the children waiting.

      After disembarking swiftly the pediatric team was transferred to the local school where the clinics took place.

The turnout of our clinics was particularly high. Although a large number of parents brought their children to get examined the clinics were completed effectively on due to the proper organization of the appointments and the flexible spirit of the pediatric team.
This was confirmed by the children's laughter and the satisfied faces of their parents.

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       As the clinics ended on Saturday 7-5-2017 we were all smiles.
A turnout of 48 children and adolescents with various requests were successfully attended to our clinics. Additionally in some cases it was considered necessary to refer to Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus for further treatment.  

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     The happy faces of parents and children represent the most valuable reward for the team and an open invitation to come back for a fourth time.

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      At this point, we would like to thank from the depths of our heart, Mrs Lilian Dakoumi and the Mayor Mr. Antonis Antonakis. Their hospitality as well as their constant and tireless effort to support all our needs contributed greatly to the success of the mission.

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      Sunday 8-5-2017 we gazed a marvelous sunrise. The weather was expected to be ideal.
The team embarked on our inflatable boat and departed for Marathon with a soul light as feather but full of tender feelings. The thought of children in need is already pushing our spirit towards the next destination.  

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    The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our Great Sponsor and an Institution with Social Responsibility always standing by the side of the children.
We would like to express our gratitude to:
The company LALIZAS that offered the marine equipment of our team to be able to travel safely and comfortably .
The manufacturer of inflatable boats Marvel Ribs providing vessels to our team, and the company PriveShop for the offer of a copy printer machine to the Kindergarden of Serifos.

"The Serifos mission is dedicated to our mothers"


"Aegean Seagulls" Team