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Aegean seagulls in Serifos island 2014


"The island of Serifos …
… four seasons of magic, painted by the colors of summer..."


Challenging our senses raising our heartbeat.

Time passes slowly but running fast. Nearly two years have passed, since "the Seagulls" fled from the island of Serifos, painted by experiences, colors and the bittersweet sensation of "nostos".
Looking forward to meet again our friends, to offer our assistance and support to their children.
 In the meanwhile, we stayed in touch with the island community organizing liaison medical support for many children by the doctors of our group back in their clinics.

Travelling to Piraeus by ferry is not always an easy task for the islanders. The price of tickets and accommodation for many constitute a really unbearable burden. This reality combined with the deficiencies of medical care in our islands, have a serious impact in the quality of health for the islanders and especially their children. In the islands sometimes health becomes a second priority.

We always shared a concern for our friends in the island of Serifos. The problems were as always demanding and urgent.
Early in April 2014 after brainstorming with the administrative authorities, a plan of a new mission to the island of Serifos has emerged. This plan incorporated a team of doctors with different specialties along with health visitors and psychologists. Our aim was to provide primary health care to all children of the island.

The Integrated Health Clinic of Serifos is a well-known and safe basis for action. Well-equipped and having adequate medical supplies. The local healthcare providers were a doctor, a nurse, a bio lab operator and an ambulance driver. Over 6000 people share the magical scenery of Serifos during the summer. During the winter about a thousand souls guarding the grounds...

Those four people face up to to health problems of equal difficulty with the 'mathematical problem of the "four colors''. They everyday surpass themselves. And well! What happens when the problem cannot find its solution on the island? Patients with serious health issues (car accidents, strokes ...) are transferred by helicopter in Hospitals in Athens.

The easily accessed medical care facilities and services, that are taken for granted by urban population, are not self-evident for the population of the islands. It is difficult to realize how they cope with this reality.

On the island things can get tough ... as a mathematical puzzle... 


Friday noon, 09/05/14. "The Seagulls" are ready for departure with two inflatable boats. The reason that we travel with inflatable boats is, on the one hand because the itineraries of the ferry boats "whenever and wherever" exist, don't always serve our transportation needs and, on the other hand, the travel time for any island, by using inflatable boat, is reduced to one third.

P1030676 P1030848 P1030685

Our time is precious. The medical team arrives promptly and safely wherever necessary.

The arrival to the island of Serifos was scheduled at about 19:30 Friday afternoon. Everything was organized and planned in detail for the next day. The clinics started on Saturday morning 5/10/2014 and ended on Sunday, 5/11/2014.
                           P1030709   P1030734

A total of 90 children and adolescents were examined by Mr. Alexandratos Harris, Neonatologist (IASO Pediatric Hospital) and Mr. Papandreou Ioannis, Pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine (Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus). Among others, the doctors checked their growth, their record of immunization and performed vaccinations and health education sessions. Additionally, a number of minor surgeries were carried out by Mr. George Pergamalis, Pediatric Surgeon (IASO Pediatric Hospital). Among the children examined many referrals have been made for further treatment in Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus which provides liaison medical services in cooperation with the "Seagulls".

                           P1030704   P1030799

Besides children and adolescents treated in our clinics, several adults, were examined and treated appropriately by our dermatologist, Mrs Maria Ziogas, and by our orthopedic, Mr. Gabriel Bukuvaleas for various health issues.

Mr. Costas Pergantis, Psychologist Director of Youth and Sports Municipal Civil Services of Haidari, who conducted lectures for students, parents and teachers regarding the following topics:

  1. Puberty, communication within the family.
  2. Communication and Internet
  3. Educational issues - Bullying – delinquent behavior, means to approach.

Mrs Hippoliti Karvouni, health visitor, worked particularly with the organization and documentation of epidemiological and health data .Her work played a decisive role for the proper and orderly operation of the clinics.


Mrs Lilian Ntakoumi, and Mrs Helen Voumvoulakis were coordinating parents and children to be served promptly and orderly.
Everything evolved smoothly and all the children were examined.

On Sunday afternoon 11/05/2014 the medical group of 'Seagulls' after the end of the Clinics and was ready for departure. But an unexpected and very serious incident took place. A man at the age of 40 who was stung by bee was transferred to the Health Clinic. The first estimate based on the information directed to an anaphylactic reaction. Our team present offered to help and give the first aid to the patient. But the situation sometimes can be An acute myocardial infraction was confirmed by the ECG. The group of "Seagulls" with the help of its colleagues of the Health Clinic of Serifos provided the necessary initial treatment to the patient by stabilizing and organizing the rapid and safe transport to a Cardiology Center by Helicopter.

The time is 15:30 and our team is at the port ready for departure in our inflatable boats with skippers Mr Constantinos Kollias and Sagonas George.
All ended well and the problem of four colors this time found its solution. Unfortunately it is not definitive.
The healthcare problems of our islands are many and urgent. For this reason we search for partnerships with volunteer doctors with specialties of pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, cardiologist, dermatologist, orthopedic. Together, we can do more.We only have to try.

The Mayor Mr.Antonis Antonakis and his colleagues were particularly interested in the success of our mission. We worked together to inform all the parents. We would like to express our gratitude for their hospitality and for their flawless cooperation. They stood always by our side, making our work easier and rewarding.
At this point we would like to thank Mrs Maria Kalampogia MD for her participation to our team work. The assistance that she offered to our pediatricians, during clinics, was very important.

We would like also to express our gratitude to Mrs Lilian Ntakoumi, president of the Association of Parents & Guardians and bio lab operator in Regional Health Clinic of Serifos, and Ms Helen Voumvoulakis officer of CSC, who informed all the inhabitants of the island and coordinated them perfectly. It is extremely rewarding for our team to work with people willing to offer to their fellow man.

We would like to thank all those whose names are not mentioned but continually recognize and support our actions. A big thank you to our sponsor, the "National Bank", who supported our action in order to examine all the children of the island.

We thank the company LALIZAS that offered the marine equipment of our team to be able to travel safely and comfortably .
We thank the manufacturer of inflatable boats Marvel providing vessels to our team, so that we can travel where requested directly and safely




Team "Aegean Seagulls"