Monday August 19 , 2019

Aegean Seagulls in Serifos Island 2018


   "Techni alypias"


         With the wings of AEGEAN AIRLINES

   "Techni alypias" is originally greek and has a history of 2,500 years. "Techni alypias" is an art of soul treatment based on logic and actions in order to manage the feelings of sadness. Every time we go out on a mission to the greek islands, we are able to realize that the harsh environment induces stress and sometimes a sad feeling to the people and especially the children.    

    Our mission destination was the island of Serifos. Our pediatric team got together in Marathon, very early on a wonderful morning. The environment is magical, the weather is ideal. The engine roar, disrupting the silence over the calm sea. Our trip has started, we travel full speed to our destination the island of Serifos. On our right Chamolia, Porto Rafti, Bgethi, Lavrio, Makronisos, Tzia, Kithnos..   
    ... arrival at Livadi of Serifos according to the program. Our equipment was promptly unloaded and swiftly transported to the Regional Medical Center of Serifos. Everyone is in position, ready to welcome our young friends and their parents and respond to their medical problems.


    In a two days period, 76 children and their parents came by and received medical care by our team of pediatricians. And also, in some cases, we made referrals to Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus for further treatment. It is always satisfying to see people smlie. It is a always a pleasure to practice like our ancestors the ancient "techni alypias".  


    It is Sunday afternoon and the time of "alypia" has passed quickly. Our mission was successfully completed. Our team is ready to board. After saying goodbye to our friends, we took the well-known route to our base in Marathon...


     ...on our left Serifos, Kithnos, Tzia, Petalioi and arrival in time to Marathon, and the little blue boat waited for our return. 

All accounted for:
• Karabempetsos Vaggelis, skipper
• Vlachos Pavlos, team leader
• Papandreou Ioannis, pediatrician specialized in adolescent medicine
• Matiatou Maria, pediatrician
• Moumouletsa Antonia, pediatrician
• Manesioti Despina, pediatrician
• Nikolaidis Stavros, reception and registry
    At this point we would like to thank our friends Mr. Antonis Antonakis, Mayor of Serifos island, and Mrs. Lilian Ntakoumi, president of the Association of Parents and Guardinas of the High School, for their contribution to the successful organization and completion of our action and for their warm hospitality.

    Also a big thank you to the volunteers, Ms. Anna Karanikolaou rural doctor, Papalitheiou Julie and Ntakoula Stavroula, teachers which contributed greatly to the smooth care of the children and their families.

    The mission was carried out thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES of our great sponsor and the support of the Administration of Tzaneio Hospital Piraeus and especially of its Administrator Mrs. Maria Arvaniti, the Pediatric Clinic and the Clinic Adolescent Medicine Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus, the 2nd Healthcare Region of Piraeus and Aegean, the Medical Association of Piraeus and the Medical Association of Cyclades, to whom we extend our warm thanks.
   We thank the company LALIZAS shipping equipment, that continuously takes care of our marine equipment and the Marvel inflatable boat manufacturer for the safe transport of our team with its boats.


"Aegean Seagulls" Team