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Aegean Seagulls in Serifos Island 2015


"Serifos Island...

... The nostalgia of the first time "

With the wings of  AEGEAN AIRLINES


It has been found again.

What? – Eternity.

It is the sea fled away with the sun.

                               "Arthur Rimbaud"

  The first time is unique. Always the beginning of a task is difficult but also full of promises. We are always guided by our love for the sea, the islands, and the people.
The children of the islands always kept a special place in our minds and hearts. The enchanting island of Serifos was the first destination of the pediatric team of the "Seagulls". Every time we return ...

Serifos and other similar islands have particular needs in primary care. The surrounding sea and the roughness of people, after the sun sets, create a majestic but hard setting. Nostalgia, for the raw landscape and the beautiful people (during the winter their number is less than a thousand) but also the knowledge of their imperative needs, especially those of the children, urged us to return...

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... Friday, October 16, 2015, early in the morning the Seagulls team enriched with new pediatricians, who share our vision to offer to the children of the islands, performed the necessary preparation before sailing from Marathon. The weather in the harbor and in our hearts is ideal.
The rough sound of the engines of our inflatable boat interrupts the silence of the morning. The trip to the island of Perseus has just begun.
The time, thanks to our experienced captain, flies quickly and pleasantly.
We arrived at Livadi, where our friends waited patiently to welcome us. Everything goes smoothly. The group disembarks and our equipment is transferred to the Regional Medical Center of Serifos, familiar and well tested base of action.

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  Soon the Clinics started. The sweet voices of the children formed a perfect tune that filled our souls engaging them in a dance of sentiments. The pediatrician is rather privileged among all doctors ...
This "dance" continued during the next day because children came in numbers and their needs were many and complicated. The "unexpected" is always in the agenda for pediatricians and always seems to have a beauty of its own. On Saturday afternoon, after the end of the Clinics and group interventions, we were informed that about ten children and their parents came to the clinic having no scheduled appointment, because they worked in the fields collecting olives. 

  The team responded immediately and all children were examined.
... But as it is well known, the pediatrician has no" working" hours. Bronchiolitis "hits" unexpectedly. Late at night, a four months old baby boy, needed our help because he had difficulties in breathing and breastfeeding.

  The team was mobilized and the stressed couple of "fresh" parents were calmed since their baby finally slept quietly.


 Sunday, October 18th 2015. We are ready for departure and in our minds a preliminary assessment is outlined. All children in need were examined and successfully treated. We performed vaccinations, spirometry, health education for children and adolescents as well as parents training. Adolescents were examined and necessary interventions and counseling took place when necessary. We established a "Life line "for special interventions with Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus where necessary.
Also, sessions of parents with our Psychologist were made with great response.

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 ... we arrived back to Marathon in no time.

Mission accomplished, everyone accounted for:
• Garatzioti Maro (pediatrician)
• Kotsifa Maria Eleni (pediatrician, allergology)
• Pelagiadis Jordan (pediatrician, hematology / oncology)
• Papatheodorou Evelina (pediatrician ADHD)
• Papandreou Ioannis (pediatrician in adolescent medicine)
• Zapandiotou Lemonia (psychologist)
• Vlachos Pavlos (Seagulls' President)
• Anastasopoulos Alexander (Seagulls' treasurer)
• Kollias Konstantinos (captain)

  At this point we would like to express our gratitude to the Mayor of Serifos, Mr. Antonis Antonakis and his colleagues for their tireless efforts helping our team in the organization and successful completion of our mission. They were always standing by our side , making our work easy and rewarding. A big thank you from all of us for the excellent cooperation and warm hospitality offered to us.
  We would also like to express our gratitude to Mrs.Lilian Ntakoumi, President of the Parents Association, Lab assistant at the Regional Medical Center of Serifos, who briefed and coordinated flawlessly all the inhabitants of the island.

We do not say goodbye but "au revoir"


  The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES,  our Great Sponsor and an Institution with Social Responsibility always standing by the side of the children.

  We would like to express our gratitude to:
LALIZAS shipping items for our marine equipment.
The PriveShop for two computers offer in the Gymnasium of Serifos island.
The Manufacturer of Inflatable boats Marvel Ribs for the safe transport of our team with its vessels



"Aegean Seagulls" Team